Publications 2012

Le Corre N, Thibault F, Pouteil Noble C, Meiffrédy V, Daoud S, Cahen R, Charreau I, Bottigioli D, Dollinger C, Aboulke J-P, Autran B, Morelon E, Barrou B. Effect of two injections of non-adjuvanted influenza A H1N1pdm2009 vaccine in renal transplant recipients: INSERM C09-32 TRANSFLUVAC trial. Vaccine 2012 Oct 25.
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Delaugerre C, Braun J, Charreau I, Delarue S, Nere M, de Castro N, May T, Marchou B, Simon F, Molina JM, Aboulker JP ; the ANRS 138-EASIER study group. Comparison of resistance mutation patterns in historical plasma HIV RNA genotypes with those in current proviral HIV DNA genotypes among extensively treated patients with suppressed replication. HIV Med. 2012 Oct:13(9):517-525. doi: 10.1111/j.1468-1293.2012.01002.x.Epub 2012 Mar 14 Lien PubMed

Lorente N, Fugon L, Carrieri MP, Andreo C, Le Gall JM, Cook E, Aboulker JP, Capitant C, Molina JM, Spire B. Acceptability of an "on-demand" pre-exposure HIV prophylaxis trial among men who have sex with men living in France. AIDS Care. 2012;24(4):468-77. Lien PubMed